EPC service

 EPCEngineering Procurement Construction

 Photovoltaic power station EPC model, also known as the design, procurement, construction integrated model. It means that after the decision stage of the project, from the beginning of the design, a project company has entrusted a project company to the general contract for the design procurement construction. Under this mode, according to the total contract price or adjustable total price method, the engineering company is responsible for the management and control of the progress, cost, quality and safety of the project, and completes the project according to the contract stipulations.

HDsolar has design, construction of professional engineering team, can provide the photovoltaic power generation projects and improve the overall solutions and turnkey project services (EPC), including photovoltaic power plant pre development, engineering design, procurement, construction, commissioning and integration after the completion of the project convenient and efficient operation and maintenance management services.

Centralized photovoltaic power station

Distributed photovoltaic power station

Carport photovoltaic power station


Agricultural photovoltaic power station