Tile-on Roof Mounting System

Product Architecture

Product Characteristics

Optimized design according to local diverse roofing structure and tile shape.
The system uses roof hook to be fixed on the roof and mount the PV module by rail &clamps.

Product Features
1. Widely use for various tiles (S-Type tile, Scales tile, slating, etc.) and for both crystalline and thin film modules.
2. Testing strictly according to design standard to ensure high stability.
3. Simple installation exercise with high efficiency in short working period.
4. Anodized aluminum & stainless steel material with high durability.

Technical Data

Installation site Tile roof Material Anodized aluminum
Slop of roof <30°

Small pieces

Anodized aluminum/Stainless steel
Windproof 60m/s Windproof 60m/s
Module arrangement Portrait or landscape Snow load


Module specification


Crystalline/Tthin film

Design life span 25 years
Module size On requirement International standard