Horizontal Single Axis Tracker System

Product Architecture

Product Characteristics

HuaDing Solar horizontal single axis tracker adopts mechanical linkage structure with highly cost effective, and enables to increase power generation by 15%-20% annually than traditional fixed mountings.

Product Features
1.Using a self-lubricating, high wear resistance of polymer bearing, free to maintain.
2.Adopt reducer drive as driving force, it works stably with high precision compared with the push rod structure.
3.Applicable to different complicated terrains.
4.Special rails design, bolt connection with modules instead of clamps.
5.Multi-linkage structure, adaptable to large scale solar power plant in mid and low latitude regions.
6.Using hot dip galvanized steel or aluminum material, with high corrosion and long life span.

Control System Function
1.Automatic collection function: Gather local time and geographic position by GPS automatically.
2.Power-off protection: Backup all data when powered off.
3.Feedback function: Real-time feedback of the rotation angle.
4.Manual control mode: Adjusting the angle of tracker can be artificial.
5.Back tracing function: Reducing shadow visibility and max the power capacity.
6.Night reset function: Automatically return to horizontal position at night.
7.Meteorological supervision: Prevent the system from natural disaster.
8.Remote RS485 communication available.

Tracking Principle
HuaDing Solar dual axis tracking system could automatically calculate the azimuth angle and elevating angle in accordance with local longitude, latitude and time. Then issue instructions to track the path of the sunlight timely. 

Technical Data

Control mode Time control Material
Hot-dip galvanizing steel
Tracking accuracy ±1° Working wind speed ≤22m/s
Driving power AC 380V/ DC 24V Operating mode net working
Daily power consumption < 1 kWh Design life span
25 years
Tracking range ±45° International standard IS9001、CE
Bearable limit wind speed 34m/s Working temperature