Tilt Single Axis Tracking System

Product Architecture

Product Characteristics

HuaDing tilt single axis tracker is a cost effective product designed for large-scale PV ground mount systems. The unique linkage structure and maintenance-free rotary bearing provides excellent reliability, low failure rate and low maintenance cost. This system enables to increase power generation by20%-40% annually.

Product features
1.Pre-assembly design, reduce site installation time with high efficiency.
2.Cost effective linkage structure, suitable for large scale PV plant.
3.Hot-dip galvanized steel and stainless steel materials, high anti-corrosion and long life span.
4.Maintenance-free design, using polymer bearing can effectively prevent the erosion caused by sand, dust, rain and snow.
5.Automatic recognition of protection for all kinds of weather( rain, snow, high wind, etc)

Control system function
1.Self-checking function and displaying present working condition
2.Automatically return to horizontal position at night.
3.Obtaining mounting angle in real time; automatically tracking sunlight and maximizing power capacity.
4.Meteorological monitoring function: automatically perform corresponding evasive action under the condition of rainfalls、snowfalls and low-light; mounting system protection and maximum of power generation.
5.With manual control mode, adjusting the angle of tracker can be artificial.
6.Power-off protection and data memory function.

Technical Data

Control mode Time control Bearable limit wind speed 33m/s
Tracking accuracy ±1° Working wind speed ≤22m/s
Driving power AC 380V/ DC 24V Snow load 1.4KN/m2
Driving capacity 90W Operating mode net working
Tracking range ±45° International standard IS9001、CE
Tilt angle ≤30° Working temperature
Design life span
25 years
Hot-dip galvanizing steel
International standard