Dual Axis Tracking System

Product Architecture

Product Characteristics

HuaDing Solar dual axis tracking system could automatically calculate the azimuth angle and elevating angle in accordance with local longitude, latitude and time. Then issue instructions to track the path of the sunlight timely, with stable operating and increasing 25%- 40% power generation. HuaDing Solar dual axis tracking system will be your ideal choice for solar power plants.

Product features
1. Adapt to complex terrain for special pillar type installation.
2. Hot-dip galvanized steel and anodized aluminum material, good anticorrosion with long life span.
3. High precision of slewing driver with small gap, more stable.

Control system function
1. Self-checking function and displaying present working condition
2. Return to original position automatically at night.
3. Backward tracking function.
4. Meteorological monitoring function: automatically perform corresponding evasive action to protect from the harsh wind, rainfall and snowfalls.
5. With manual control mode, adjusting the angle of tracker can be artificial.

6. Power-off protection and data memory function.

How to fight against extreme weather?

1. Windproof
The tracking system will give up tracking the path of the sun temporarily when    wind speed reaches 22m/s and return to the horizontal position to protect itself;    The tracking system will recover to track when wind speed detected less than   10m/s within 15 min.
2. Snow proof
The tracking system will give up tracking the path of the sun and adjust itself to   tilt 45°when snowfall covered more than 10mm( this data can be resetted) within 12 hours for snow clean down. The tracking system will recover to track when   there is no snowfall detected within 1 hour.

Technical Data

Control mode Time control Material
Hot-dip galvanizing steel
Tracking accuracy ±1° Working wind speed ≤22m/s
Driving power AC 380V/ DC 24V Operating mode net working
Driving capacity 90W Design life span
25 years
Tracking range

SN 20°~90°


International standard IS9001、CE
Bearable limit wind speed 33m/s Working temperature