Anti-seismic Installation

Product Architecture

Product Characteristics

The characteristics of the anti-seismic support and hanger: the anti-seismic support and hanger mainly bear the horizontal load of the pipeline.
1. Setting up anti-seismic brackets and hangers, changing the dynamic characteristics of pipeline system, from flexible to rigid, the response under earthquake is obviously reduced.

2. Change the force of gravity hanger at the anti-seismic support hanger, and then change its design, type selection, stiffening, anchorage and so on.

3. Anti-seismic support and hanger is divided into longitudinal and transverse support and hanger. Its stress, layout and anchorage are related to multi-disciplinary and multi-domain knowledge of seismic engineering, structural engineering, mechanical engineering, water supply and drainage, etc.

4. Effectively carrying out the relevant self-weight of the pipeline. In many cases, the weight of pipeline is neglected by many equipment installers, and these problems will threaten the safety of pipeline use; when the finished support and hanger is used, the equipment can bear the weight of pipeline well, and the weight stress of pipeline can always be within the relevant allowable range, thus ensuring the safety of the use of equipment.

5. Effective stiffness of pipeline can be increased. Although the pipeline will have large stiffness force in short distance, if the pipeline span is relatively large, the stiffness will become smaller and smaller. If the stiffness can not be effectively raised in construction, it will certainly affect the normal use and safety of pipelines. Therefore, after using the anti-seismic bracket equipment, this problem can be solved, so that the pipeline stiffness can be improved. Come on.

6. It can effectively control the direction and size of the thermal displacement of the pipe system. Pipeline thermal displacement is an inevitable and inevitable situation in construction pipelines. In order to ensure the safe operation of pipelines and connected equipment, it is necessary to install anti-seismic brackets to deal with this situation scientifically.

Technical Data

Advantages of anti-seismic brackets:

1. Composite component and assembly construction, neat, beautiful and generous

2. The force is reliable and stable, and it can resist earthquake action.

3. Fast installation speed and short construction period

4. Long service life, easy maintenance in later period

5. Good versatility

6. Green Environmental Protection