Agricultural Photovoltaic System

Product Architecture

Product Characteristics

When it comes to solar power,everyone wins.It may seem quite obvious that the agriculture industry benefits from solar power,but the benefits it does receive from this type of power go far beyond what anyone would normally think.The amount and intensity of sunlight in any area is used to figure out what types of crops would grow best there and the best time of the year to plant them.

So it’s obvious that farms are planted in areas that receive a lot of sunlight,which is also a requisite for getting the most energy out of a solar array.

Product Features:

1.Strong structure and maximum use of space realized;

2.Fast installation without welding;

3.Hot dip galvanizing steel & stainless steel with strong anti-corrosion and long life span;

4.Adaptable to complex terrain and reach long span;

5.Integrated perfectly power generating with farming and Improved the utilization of land efficiently

Technical Data

Installation site


Installation angle

On requirement

Installation height

On requirement

Module arrangement

Portrait or landscape

Module specification


crystalline/thin film

Module size

 On requirement


Hot-hip galvanizing steel & Anodized aluminum



Snow load


Service life span

25 years

International standard

ISO9001 , CE